Collaborative workspaces to

Create · Focus · Network

Putting People First

Whether working in the hot desk or team boxes, very part of the experience has been designed around your productivity and creativity.


More than just a working space, a community movement to revolutionise work.

Virtual Office

Grow your business with access to our offline/ online communities and events with a Virtual membership.

Founders Pass

Join our campus and access our flexible Startup Cafe. Pick any available seat in our common Startup café and get to work anytime of the day (unlimited hot desking). This means you're a part of our community platform and events.

Dedicated Desks

Work from dedicated noise free space to focus on your work. A space 24X7 available at your disposal and online/offline access to our communities.

Private Offices

Ergonomically designed private space for you and your team to give maximum productivity and focus. Available 24/7 and be a part of the ever vibrant Innov8 community.


  • Community Share experiences, Collaborate ideas and get inspired by 400+ members on Innov8 community.
  • Central Location We believe where you commute to work impacts your productivity and mind set. You get to work from the best location in the city.
  • Hybrid Workspaces Our furniture is a combination of modern bold Bristol and contemporary hand made by indigenous skilled labourers.
  • Strategy Mentorship Knowledge sessions and events to help grow entrepreneurs of the future. Collaboration is a way of life for a successful entrepreneur.
  • Recreation zone Multiple recreation zones to shed your stress and recharge your thoughts. Think unlimited beverages, gaming zones, nap rooms, mini-golf, open terrace etc.
  • One stop facilities From Uninterrupted High Speed internet connectivity to special package services which are critical in the success for the startups like cloud, hosting, legal services, marketing etc.

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Paddy Cosgrave

CEO, Websummit “We’d never seen such a slick co-working space – check out the rooftop garden.”

Sandy Carter

General Manager IBM Global “I am from San Francisco, which is the largest Silicon Valley in the world. I’m impressed to see coworking centres like Innov8 in India. India is truly progressing.”

Rajan Anand

VP & MD, Google South East Asia “Truly awesome space. Loved everything about Innov8. Especially, the rooftop! “