Connaught Place

69, Regal Building, New Delhi - 110001

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We are located in the heart of Delhi, surrounded by lush green gardens, fine dining restaurants, business hubs and high street shops. Our external environment and internal ambiance is a perfect balance of work and fun. Come and feel free to mingle with like-minded people, entrepreneurs & startups. You can also attend our events to network or unwind from a hard day's work.



Hot Desks ₹10,000 / month

Dedicated Desks ₹20,000 / month

Private Offices

1 Person ₹25,000/- per month

2 Person ₹40,000/- to ₹50,000/- per month

3 Person ₹65,000/- to ₹75,000/- per month

4 Person ₹80,000/- to ₹100,000/- per month

5 Person ₹100,000/- to ₹110,000/- per month

More than 5 Person Contact Us


Founder’s Cafe

Dedicated Area for freelancers/enthusiasts to come work at their own convenience with no strings attached.

Rooftop garden

Overlooking the skyline of Connaught Place, this place is the ideal location for all meet ups. The Indian Flag stands tall in front to reflect the patriotic you.

Fully equipped meeting rooms

A quick team discussion or serious investor business, the meeting rooms preserve the privacy and content of your discussions.

Lounge area

You deserve to be pampered and so do your buddies who come around for occasional meet-ups. The exquisite lighting and 90’s cartoons will set the mood for you.


A Step Up Library to suit your thoughts from Fiction to Literature to stories about Inspiring Hustlers. Our pick for you, go read ‘Zero to One by Peter Thiel ’.


Too many cooks spoil the broth, but too many ideas develop an unbeatable product. That's where ideas are born. Plenty of whitespace to be painted with Billion Dollar Ideas.


Vitamin water to boost your energy, more than 10 flavours of tea, 6+ styles of coffee.