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Meet new people everyday. Dynamic coworking seats designed for diverse professional independents, freelancers and entrepreneurs to work, connect, collaborate and innovate. Just bring your laptop, get to work and we will take care of the rest.


Per Person Starts from ₹5,999/month


High Speed internet

Uninterrupted WiFi, with back up lines to keep you connected at all times.

Dynamic Desk Allotment

Everyday a different desk will be allotted, increasing the chance for networking with other innovaters.

Community & Networking Events

Becoming a part of Innov8 gives you access to the community across all centres, that provides you with an environment of support, care and productivity.


Can I use the space for a 2-3 hour business meeting?

Yes, you can avail the facilities using a day pass.

Can I have people from outside who are not a member to visit me?

You may use open lounge/breakout areas for meeting the visitors.

Can I take a monthly pass but work from different locations/cities?

Yes, our all subscriptions give you an access to all the current and upcoming facilities completely free of cost.