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Flipkart’s Reshuffle: Why Change is Messy at First?

Why Flipkart Did What It Did? 1. Whats The Hue and Cry – Hue and cry about Flipkart’s top level management shuffle! It’s simple. Flipkart is a Startup, and that too India’s most famous one. That doesn’t mean they can’t fail or have their own


Designing Innov8 Chandigarh

The process of designing Innov8 Chandigarh started early, just after opening our first centre at Connaught place. We have been planning and searching for a perfect spot in the heart of Chandigarh to cement our facility. Innov8 Chandigarh with 7,000 sq.ft area and 5000 sq.ft


Become a Millionaire in 2016 | The ALCHEMIST Mindset

ALCHEMIST mindset is an acronym I’ve come up with, to help people learn the most important habits to be successful in life: HUSTLE: Whatever happens hustle, don’t quit ever. CONFIDENCE: Is the key to success. LEARN: Learn from every situation, whatever happens, learn every day.